SanDisk Professional Impulsa los Black and White Photo Awards 2024.

The Black and White Photo Awards 2024 is pleased to announce its partnership with SanDisk Professional, a milestone that elevates this prestigious black and white photo contest to new heights. This year, SanDisk Professional will not only sponsor one of the most outstanding black and white photo contests in recent years, but will also make the Special Award for Creativity its own with its innovative portable SSD: the SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 SSD (2TB), the fastest in its class.

SanDisk Professional, a leader in storage solutions, is proud to support creativity and innovation in photography. The SanDisk Professional PRO-G40 portable SSD represents the latest in storage technology, providing artists with the speed and capacity needed to bring their visions to life.

About Black and White Photo Awards:

Since January 1, the Black and White Photo Awards 2024 has been attracting talented photographers from around the world. With over €2500 in prizes up for grabs, including €1000 cash for the absolute winner, the competition celebrates artistic expression through black and white photography. Participants have until June 15 to submit their stunning black and white photographs and compete for these coveted prizes on the contest website: bwphotoawards.com.

Now in its third year, the Black and White Photo Awards continues to establish itself as one of the most eminent competitions in the world of black and white photography. This competition celebrates creativity, artistic vision and technical skills, providing a platform for emerging and established photographers to stand out on the international scene.

Participants have the opportunity to highlight in five different categories: Architecture, Street, Fauna and Flora, Portrait and Landscape. This diversity of categories allows photographers to explore and express their unique vision on different aspects of life and nature.

Portrait Second Winner - Abhishek Basak - Hands of freedom

Hands of freedom, by Abhishek Basak, portrait second winner in the Black and White Photo Awards 2023.

SanDisk Professional: Storage Innovation at the Service of Photography

The partnership with SanDisk Professional not only highlights the importance of creativity in black and white photography, but also highlights the need for reliable storage technology. With SanDisk Professional supporting the awards, the photo contest reinforces its commitment to driving technical and artistic excellence.

The alliance between the Black and White Photo Awards and SanDisk Professional represents more than a competition; it is a meeting of artistic creativity and technological innovation. Participants have the opportunity to not only shine in black and white photography, but also to experience the best storage technology to support their passion.

Enter into the world of B&W photography, participate in the Black and White Photo Awards 2024, and discover how SanDisk Professional is taking creativity to new heights.

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