Black and White Photo Awards 2023 winners Gallery

Here is the gallery of winners of the 2023 edition of this black and white photography contest. Enjoy the award-winning photographs of our photo competition, as well as the different honourable mentions and finalists.

Congratulations to all the photo award winners!

Absolute Winner

Absolute winner - Patrice Quillard - My Copyright

The award-winning black and white photography that took the title of Absolute Winner was My Copyright by Patrice Quillard. This image not only earned him the title of Black and White Photographer of the Year, but also made him the winner of the €1000 prize.

Patrice Quillard (France)

Portrait of Patrice Quillard, Absolute Winner of the Black and White Photo Awards 2023.Patrice Quillard is the author of the award-winning photography as “Absolute Winner” in the 2023 edition of the Black and White Photo Awards. “My Copyright“, a fantastic portrait of a Gelada monkey looking directly at the camera, is the image that made him stand out from the rest of the participants. A perfect example of the power of black and white photography.

Patrice Quillard’s work is a testament to his dedication to the art of photography and his deep connection to the natural world. His images convey the raw power and mystique of wildlife, creating award winning black and white photography that truly leave a lasting impression. Beyond the lens, Patrice is a passionate advocate for wildlife conservation, a cause he champions through his captivating work.

With many awards to his credit, including the prestigious Black and White Photo Awards, Patrice Quillard stands as an icon in the field of black and white photography. We hope to keep enjoying his incredible images and that he continues inspiring photographers around the world with his award winning photography.

Special Prize for Creativity

The Special prize for creativity was awarded to Ágnes Dudás, for his photograph Painted portrait.

Special prize for creativity - Ágnes Dudás - Painted portrait

Painted portrait

Ágnes Dudás (Hungary)

Portrait of Ágnes Dudás, Special Prize for Creativity of the Black and White Photo Awards 2023.

Ágnes Dudás, an award-winning photographer from Budapest, Hungary, has been deeply involved in photography for the past eight years. She enjoys exploring a wide variety of subjects, with a particular penchant for human portrait, abstraction, architecture and street photography. Through her lens, Ágnes captures not only images, but also her emotions, impressions and that unique perspective of the world that only she has.

Ágnes’ approach to photography is a combination of spontaneity and careful planning. While she seeks to capture the moment, she often meticulously plans her shots.

She actively participates in photography competitions, in which she displays her talent and creativity. Ágnes Dudás is the winner of the Special Awards for Creativity in the second edition of the Black and White Photo Awards (2023).

Category Winner Architecture

Architecture winner - Gareth Jones - Street Lights - Ottawa

Street Lights – Ottawa

Gareth Jones

Category Winner Street

Street winner - Joy Saha - Childhood


Joy Saha

Category Winner Portrait

Portrair winner - Michael Potts - Reflection


Michael Potts

Category Winner Fauna and Flora

Fauna and flora winner - Arturo de Frias Marques - Lobos de cacería

Lobos de cacería

Arturo de Frias Marques

Category Winner Landscape

Landscape winner - Edoardo Frenquelli - The Power of Thunder

The Power of Thunder

Edoardo Frenquelli

Second Winner architecture

Architecture Second Winner - Saqer Alattar - The museum of the future

The museum of the future

Saqer Alattar

Golden Mention architecture

Architecture Golden Mention - Helena García Huertas - Segovia


Helena García Huertas

Silver Mention architecture

Architecture Silver Mention - Hector Ballester Ballester - Another mushroom?

Another mushroom?

Hector Ballester Ballester

Bronze Mention architecture

Architecture Bronze Mention - Aline Rizk - Oculus 1, New York City 2020

Oculus 1, New York City 2020

Aline Rizk

Second Winner Street

Street Second Winner - Azim Khan Ronnie - Boats filled with travelers

Boats filled with travelers

Azim Khan Ronnie 

Golden mention street

Street Golden Mention - Gavin Libotte

Gavin Libotte

Silver Mention street

Street Silver Mention - Yuliy Vasilev - Music for Deaf

Music for Deaf

Yuliy Vasilev

Bronze Mention street

Street bronze Mention - Manuel Guerra Tejado - Ufff


Manuel Guerra Tejado 

Second Winner portrait

Portrait Second Winner - Abhishek Basak - Hands of freedom

Hands of freedom

Abhishek Basak

Golden Mention portrait

Portrait Golden Mention - Jiri Sneider - Mesh eye

Mesh eye

Jiri Sneider

Silver Mention portrait

Portrait Silver Mention - Michael Potts - Gazelle in the Dunes

Gazelle in the Dunes

Michael Potts

Bronze mention portrait

Portrait Bronze Mention - Abhishek Basak -Deeply Focus

Deeply Focus

Abhishek Basak

Second Winner fauna and flora

Fauna and Flora Second Winner - Ricardo Nascimento - Newborn Humpback Calf and Its Mother

Newborn Humpback Calf and Its Mother

Ricardo Nascimento

Golden Mention fauna and flora

Fauna and Flora Golden Mention - Lars Oliver Michaelis- Chinese Sea Snake

Chinese Sea Snake

Lars Oliver Michaelis

Silver Mention fauna and flora

Fauna and Flora Silver Mention - Lalith Ekanayake - Majestic Rhapsody

Majestic Rhapsody

Lalith Ekanayake

Bronze Mention fauna and flora

Fauna and Flora Bronze Mention - Aline Rizk - Sculptural Tree at Untyermeyer Park, Yonkers, NY 2021

Sculptural Tree at Untyermeyer Park, Yonkers, NY 2021

Aline Rizk

Second Winner​ landscape

Landscape Second Winner - Troels Bjerre - Knudshoved


Troels Bjerre

Gold Mention​ landscape

Landscape Golden Mention - Jean Paul Soujol

Jean Paul Soujo

Silver Mention landscape

Landscape Silver Mention - Pavlos Evangelidis - Underwater Cathedral

Underwater Cathedral

Pavlos Evangelidis

Bronze Mention landscape

Landscape Bronze Mention - Ken Evans - Alone


Ken Evans


Thanks to all the participants who have trusted us in this second edition of our photo contest. We will meet again soon in a new edition of the Black and White Photo Awards.

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