Get to know the categories of our photo contests.

Black and White Photo Awards 2024 offers you 5 categories. 5 thematic categories to show your creativity as a photographer and 5 opportunities to win our photography competition.

Architecture winner - Gareth Jones - Street Lights - Ottawa


The art of planning and building

Image by Gareth Jones

Street winner - Saurabh Sirohiya - Childhood


Capturing the human essence in public places

Image by Saurabh Sirohiya

Portrair winner - Michael Potts - Reflection


Photographing personalities

Image by Michael Potts

Fauna and flora winner - Arturo de Frias Marques - Lobos de cacería

Fauna and flora

A great community of organisms

Image by Arturo de Frías Marqués

Landscape winner - Edoardo Frenquelli - The Power of Thunder


Natural areas admirable for their artistic aspect

Image by Edoardo Frenquelli

As the intention of our contest is to highlight some of the best black and white photographs and to support the great photographers behind them, we didn’t want to skimp on giving you opportunities. That is why all interested photographers will be able to participate in each and every one of the categories of our black and white photography contest. 5 categories with which we hope to represent a great spectrum of the incredible world of photography and its multiple points of view. From all genres of photography we have chosen architecture, street photography, portrait, wildlife and landscape, different categories in which you can stand out your photographic skills.


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