We have the best professionals in Black and White photography as members of our jury. Awarded and recognized worldwide for their talent, these photographers, internationally known for their work, will select the best images and our winners.

Photography of JULIA ANNA GOSPODAROU, judge in the contest


Julia Anna Gospodarou is an internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning photographer. An accomplished architect, author and sought-after educator, giving workshops and lectures all over the world, Julia Anna was passionate about art from a very young age, striving to express herself artistically through various mediums: architecture, drawing and photography.

In addition, Julia Anna Gospodarou’s photography has been IPA International Photography Awards Professional Architectural Photographer of the Year, World Photography Awards & Hasselblad Masters Finalist, winner of more than 80 prestigious international awards and distinctions. Julia Anna Gospodarou is, without a doubt, a reference of contemporary black and white fine art photography.


Photography of JOEL TJINTJELAAR, judge in the contest

Joel Tjintjelaar

Joel Tjintjelaar is a fine-art photographer, author and educator, specialized in Black and White, long exposure, architectural, landscape and still life photography.

Won multiple 1st and 2nd prizes at the prestigious International Photography Awards between 2010 and 2014, Joel Tjintjelaar has received other prestigious commendations. Joel developed a digital B&W post-processing method that influenced, and has been adopted by, many B&W enthusiasts over the world since 2011 through his workshops and website. It’s a structured method for B&W processing with dimensional depth, that became increasingly ubiquitous in the past decade, largely due to Joel Tjintjelaar’s contributions.


Photography of CHARLES PAUL AZZOPARDI, judge in the contest

Charles Paul Azzopardi

Charles Paul Azzopardi is an internationally-awarded black and white artist and photographer, renowned for his black and white images of long exposure fine art and architecture. He has been active for the past 5 years, and has exhibited in Malta, Milan and New York. Azzopardi is also a photographic cultural heritage expert, managing the major photographic archives in Malta, as well as being voted as the President of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography.

Since 2021, Charles Paul Azzopardi has been appointed by Fuji Japan as one of its official global brand ambassadors on the Fuji GFX/X programs. He has published 35 books to date with his photography.


Photography of KAZUTOSHI KAWAKAMI, judge in the Black and White Photo Awards 2023 contest

Kazutoshi Kawakami

As a photographer, Kazutoshi Kawakami has been noted for his stunning visual style and creative digital artwork. Creating images with a wide expressive power that he has been able to adapt to many different fields. For the past seven years he has represented Japan in the World Cup of Photography, where 15 of his works have been selected for this purpose.

Just In 2022, Kazutoshi Kawakami won the International Photography Awards (IPA) 1st Prize, the European Platinum Photography Award Winner and won in the portrait category of our Black and White Photo Awards. These are just a few of the many reasons Kazutoshi Kawakami stands out.


Photography of KAZUTOSHI KAWAKAMI, judge in the Black and White Photo Awards 2023 contest

Néstor Rodan

Néstor Rodan is a landscape photographer by vocation. He is also a photographic travel guide and creator of multimedia content. He began as a cameraman for a local television station while he was studying in his native León. Years later, he started in digital photography with a Canon and since then he has not stopped photographing, traveling and teaching.

Likewise, his great passion is extreme travel and he goes wherever he can make incredible images, mainly in cold climates, where his quality as a photographer soars. His photographs of Lake Baikal, Greenland, Iceland, Lofoten Islands, Lapland, etc. …. show his admiration and great taste for these places.

Also, Nestor Rodan has been awarded several national and international prizes and enjoys a recognized prestige among photographic associations and the many attendees to his trips and courses.


Some of the best professionals in black&white photography have joined us to form our jury. They’re putting up their knowledge, experience and professionality at the service of this contest, just looking for the best images and finding our photo awards winners. With them, professionals from SanDisk and the team of NCJ Media Solutions, are working to find the right winner for each one of the categories at our black and white international photography contest.


We will also have professional photographers from the NCJ Media Solutions team.

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